Emma arrives at a new school facing new friendship groups while Dylan is spending more time away in his room on the computer. Soon they both will discover how the anonymous cyber world will threaten to take over their lives in a way from which they can see no escape!


MyFriends Dot Com explores the world of cyber-bullying and the importance of cyber-safety in a story that resonates throughout schools and households everywhere.


An exciting and engaging production that uses an energetic, fast paced narrative and contemporary music, MyFriends Dot Com brings into focus these vital issues to alert young people of the dangers and consequences of not taking the cyber world seriously.

Areas of Learning: Cyber Safety, Bullying, Self-Esteem, Social Websites, Harassment, Resilience, Performing Arts.

Curriculum coverage: Civics & Citizenship, English, Humanities, The Arts, Health & PE



Brilliant material! Kept them interested the whole performance - such a relevant and important topic.

St Mary's School

Funny, entertaining but touched on some serious topical issues. Well worthwhile! The students really enjoyed it. Great job in answering some difficult questions from the students.
Werribee Secondary College
Children were very engaged and interested. This show was 'spot on' fantastic! Very cleverly done and SO relevant. Brilliant!

Bangor Public School

Not currently touring in 2020


50 minutes incl discussion time

Yrs 5–9

In your school

$6.00 (+GST) per student.
If less than 150 students per performance then a flat fee of

$900 (+GST) will apply.


Cyber Safety in Schools

Partner Program of the Australian Government 'StaySmart Online Awareness Week'