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Science Week in Schools

Virtual Incursion

Celebrating the National Science Week 2020 Schools Theme:

'Deep Blue: innovations for the future of our oceans'

Was a very entertaining way to teach so many STEM concepts and scientific fact. Students were engaged and the content supported classroom learning. Students were discussing possible future opportunities after the presentation.

Flaxmill School

Tour Dates 2020


Available to schedule from Monday 10th August.

National Science Week 2020:

Monday 17th August - Friday 21st August.



45 minute session made up of

  • 40 minute viewing time

  • 5 minute post performance Q&A


Meet the Actors & Director:
Schedule a separate live-stream session for your school Q&A.



Grades 5-9


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Excerpts from the Science Week in Schools production STEMania: 

Celebrate NATIONAL SCIENCE WEEK in Schools with:


The oceans are needlessly being harmed on a daily basis. In today’s ever-changing world, those tasked with conserving our planet’s resources are members of an elite squad: The Marine Team. This educational incursion engages grade 5-9 school students in marine science and innovation to achieve long-term sustainability of our oceans.

The Marine Team is a 45 minute, live-in-school sketch comedy that consists of two professional actor/educators with two goals.

The first goal is to highlight what is ocean sustainability, how oceans impact our planet, solutions that generate healthy oceans and how YOU can help embrace innovative ocean technology.

The second goal is to make your students laugh so hard that they forget they’re learning!

The in-school program is a series of improvised comedy sketches between characters in all sorts of hilarious situations. Taking suggestions from the audience, the actors engage students to help create the show they see, forming a customized performance with each presentation.


Science, Technologies, Maths, English, The Arts


Literacy, Numeracy, ICT Capability, Critical and Creative Thinking, Ethical Understanding​


Marine Science, Innovative Technologies, Environmental Science, Sustainability

Live-On-Film Performance

Captured Live-on-Film our Science Week in Schools Virtual Incursion is educational and interactive for both students and teachers to be engaged throughout.

The performance is captured live-on-film with multi-cameras and in high definition, meaning everyone watching will be doing so from the best seat in the house.

A unique learning experience, when your students watch the live-in-film performance they are absorbed in real ‘live theatre’, with interactive components for students to answer questions and be captivated by the sketch comedy with fun scientific facts!

Hosting a Perform Education Virtual Incursion means your whole school can be involved whether having a large group viewing, classroom by classroom sessions, or even with individual students included from home.

Interactive Q&A


For further learning and student interaction there will be a post-performance Q&A which will provide your students with the opportunity to explore some of the key questions connected to the learning points. Additionally, there will be an opportunity for your students to ask questions online with our actors and creative team.

Digital Resources

With your own individual school login, the live-on-film performance will be available for your whole school to watch on the date of your scheduled incursion.

The Virtual Incursion program package will also include a range of hands-on educational tools with online interactive games, classroom and home-based activities and teacher resources as a tool to extend the learning. These tools are available to access for the rest of the school year to provide continued learning at school or at home.

Made STEM accessible to all students, even those who don't 'love science'

Groves Christian College

Great way to inspire students to be more curious and actively involved in science and STEM initiatives.

Georges River Grammar