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BW 2020 AUS TGD cloud plus Craig Cristie
VIRTUAL Resource area

Welcome to the resource area for THE GREATEST DISCOVERY for Book Week in Schools Australia 2020. On this page you can access the performance, resources and schedule a Live-Stream Meet The Actors & Creatives session. We want you to know that participating in this program and using its supplementary materials is easy and can integrate seamlessly with your established teaching methods.

All set to watch the performance? Find it below or click here.

Preparing for the Incursion



  • Watch the ‘Teacher Preparation’ video – and share with staff that will be assisting students to participate in this program. (Click here to go to video)

  • Review the Summary of CBCA Books outlined in the Teacher Resource Pack that are to be featured in the Virtual Performance. 

  • Discuss the program with your students and the featured books, and explain to them about the upcoming Virtual Performance.

  • Make sure you provide all teachers/classrooms with the educational portal details and your school password to login.



  • Scroll down to the performance video on this page (or click here). If you haven't logged in you will be asked to now.

  • Pick the performance best suited to your class. There are three different versions:
    Junior:       Grades P-2
    General:    All grades, or, any mixed levels across the primary range
    Senior:       Grades 5-6

  • Make sure a teacher/facilitator is on hand to assist in accessing the portal and video.

  • At the end of the performance the viewing can continue immediately, or on a separate day/time, with our post-performance Q&A recordings.


  • Head to Perform Teachers and evaluate the program for your chance to win $200 for your classroom.

  • Schedule your schools live-stream 'Meet The Actors & Creatives' session where you can chat to our team and ask any questions you have. 

  • Have fun and get creative with all of the games, activities and other resources found on this page. 

Preparing for the Incursion
Teacher Resource Pack

Teacher Resources

Teacher Step-By-Step Guide

Teacher Resource Pack

Teacher Guide with instructions for the program, content information, classroom activities and curriculum links.

Teacher Step-By-Step Guide

A guide for the teacher/facilitator detailing before, during and after performance instructions.

Teacher Preparation Video

Teacher Preparation Video

Performance Video

Performance Video

If you are all set for the performance, click the link below. It will open in another page and you will be asked which version you would like to access. There are three different versions:

Junior:       Grades P-2

General:    All grades, or, any mixed levels across the primary range

Senior:       Grades 5-6

Post-Performance Q&A

Post-Performance Q&A

Thanks for watching the performance! Now click below to watch a selection of Question & Answer videos with our actors, director and writer. Pick whichever questions you want to find out more about, or watch them all!

  • Why do you think Jono wanted to win all of the time?
  • In the show we heard about Olympic competitions for poetry; architecture; and hope, skip and jump. Is that true?"
  • What did Claire mean when she told Jono - "It's okay to feel differently from someone. It doesn't mean your're right and they're wrong. It's a matter of opinion"?"
  • What is a good thing to do when you disagree with someone?
  • How did you become an actor?
  • Meet the director
  • Meet the writer
Meet The Actors & Creatives

Meet The Actors & Creatives

Contact us now to schedule a live-stream chat with our team. Email us at to discuss a selection of dates and times you can select from to schedule for your school.

Student Digital Games

Digital Games

Thanks for watching! Now have even more fun and show us what you know by playing on our digital games below.



Have fun answering questions about the performance and its themes.



Slide the pieces together to make the full image.



Test your knowledge about the performance and the books that we used!



Piece together a picture of the performance!

Student Printable Activities
Music Tracks & Song Lyrics

Music Tracks

Thanks for watching! Now download or listen online here to all the songs from the show.

Song Lyrics

Music Credits:

Music and lyrics: Craig Christie

Vocals by Francesca Arena and Drew Downing

All arrangements by Craig Bryant

Produced by Craig Bryant and Craig Christie

Recorded at Paxus Productions, Melbourne, Australia

Copyright © No Mates Productions 2020

Check out the lyrics to your favourite songs from THE GREATEST DISCOVERY so you can sing along!

School Promotional Materials

School Promotional Materials

On this page you will find digital resources you can use at school to promote the Book Week In Schools program to students, parents and the wider school community. Materials include:

- Program Overview

- Poster

- Pre-written long and short form copy for newsletters or social media

- Social Media Squares 

- social #hashtags

- Links to promotional videos

Teacher Evaluation

Teacher Evaluation

Hey Teachers! Your opinions really help us out to make our programs more educational and relevant for your school and students. Complete our very quick survey by clicking below.

Once you submit this survey you will be automatically be entered in the draw to WIN $200 for your classroom!

Ask a Question

Ask us a question

Thanks for watching! If you have any questions or would just like to send us a comment or say hello, email our team on

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