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Teacher Toolkit

Welcome to the resource area for BiG DREAMS for Book Week in Schools New Zealand 2021. On this page you can access all the resources you need to supplement the performance. Participating in this program and using its supplementary materials is easy and can integrate seamlessly with your established teaching methods.

Preparing for the Incursion



  • Review the Teacher Resource Pack – and share with staff that will be assisting students to participate in this program.

  • Review the Summary of New Zealand Books outlined in the Teacher Resource Pack that are to be featured in the Live-In-School Performance. 

  • Discuss the program with your students and the featured books, and explain to them about the upcoming Live-In-School Performance.

  • Prepare in advance the number of students that will be attending the Live-In-School Performance so you can inform our Team Leader on the day.


  • Performance Venue: The performance area needs to be approx 3 metres wide x 6 metres long. Please make the space available and clear at least 30 minutes prior so the performers can prepare the space to start on time.

  • Safety: Please ensure the space is clean and clear for the safety, health & wellbeing of both your students and the performers.

  • Table Request: The performers will require one medium-sized table to be available 30 minutes before the scheduled start time.

  • Performer Arrival Time: Performers will arrive approx 30-40 minutes before the scheduled performance start time.

  • Teacher Presence: We request teacher presence in the venue and support for the performers at all times.

  • Student Numbers: Please provide the total number of students in attendance to our Team Leader before they depart your school.


  • Head to Perform Teachers and evaluate the program for your chance to win $200 for your classroom.

  • Utilise the Classroom Activities found in the Teacher Resource Pack. 

  • Direct all students onto the Student Activities page to have fun and get creative with all of the digital games and downloadable activities on this page. 


Teacher Resource Pack

Teacher Resource Pack

Teacher Step-By-Step Guide with instructions for the program, content information, classroom activities and curriculum links.


School Promotional Materials

On this page you will find digital resources you can use at school to promote the Book Week In Schools program to students, parents and the wider school community. Materials include:

- Program Overview

- Poster

- Pre-written long and short form copy for newsletters or social media

- Social Media Squares 

- social #hashtags

- Links to promotional videos

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Teacher Evaluation

Hey Teachers! Your opinions really help us out to make our programs more educational and relevant for your school and students. Complete our very quick survey by clicking below.

Once you submit this survey you will be automatically be entered in the draw to WIN $200 for your classroom!


Student Activities

Teachers, here you can find all Student Activities related to BiG DREAMS!


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