Excerpts from our past Science/STEM in Schools production: 

For 2020 we are delighted to present our Live-On-Film Virtual Incursion

Launch To The Future!

Full of scientific facts and figures, this sketch-based comedy presentation focuses on how space programs and lunar science propel us into the future using STEM!

In a series of sketches, professional actor/educators use audience suggestions to create uniquely hilarious scenes that educate on the moon and space science.

Students will learn:

  • How science helps to solve the unsolvable (SCIENCE)

  • Innovation drives technology (TECHNOLOGY)

  • Space engineering helps design new solutions (ENGINEERING)

  • How maths helps to drive the future (MATHS)

Sketches include a worker teaching a boss about the moon, a kooky inventor linking technology to creativity and innovation, a game that teaches about space engineering, and a demonstration of how maths helps explain our universe.

LEARNING AREAS: Science, Mathematics, Technology, The Arts, Health and Physical Education

THEMES: 50th Anniversary of the moon landing, Everyday technologies invented by space science (camera phones, baby formula, wireless headphones, laptops), Galileo Galilei, Satellites, GPS, WiFi, Machine learning and AI, New Zealand's contribution to space science past and present: Dr. William Pickering, Beatrice Tinsley, The NZ Space Agency.

Tour Dates 2020:




Available to schedule from Mon 18th May to Fri 26th Jun


  • 45 minute session made up of 35 minute viewing time – includes 20 minute live on film performance with 15 minute ‘pause zone’ activities throughout

  • 10 minute post performance Q&A




Available to schedule from Mon 3rd Aug to Fri 28 Aug


Grades 5–10


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    New Zealand Virtual Incursion:

Science/STEM in Schools

Virtual Incursion

Live-On-Film Performance


Captured Live-on-Film our Science/STEM in Schools Virtual Incursion is educational and interactive for both students and teachers to be engaged throughout.

The performance is captured live-on-film with multi-cameras and in high definition,
meaning everyone watching will be doing so from the best seat in the house.

The live-on-film performance will include interactive segments where there will be
‘Pause Zones’ to answer quizzes, complete activities, physical challenges and have
guided discussions to dig deep and embed the key learning points while keeping
students active and engaged - while also having great fun!

Hosting a Perform Education Virtual Incursion means your whole school can be
involved whether having a large group viewing, classroom by classroom sessions, or
even with individual students included from home.

Interactive Q&A


For further learning and student interaction there will be a post-performance Q&A which will provide your students with the opportunity to explore some of the key questions connected to the learning points. Additionally, there will be an opportunity for your students to ask questions online with our actors and creative team.

Digital Resources

With your own individual school login, the live-on-film performance will be available for your whole school to watch on the date of your scheduled incursion.

The Virtual Incursion program package will also include a range of hands-on educational tools with online interactive games, classroom and home-based activities and teacher resources as a tool to extend the learning. These tools are available to access for the rest of the school year to provide continued learning at school or at home.

This was the first time I had taken part in this show. I thought it was absolutely fantastic, to the point, exciting and fun! Caters to all ages and the interaction is awesome.
Papatoetoe Central Primary School, Auckland, 2019
Echelon 2019 -7987.jpg
One of the best shows I have seen....and I've seen a lot. Easy clear message, nice connections to the books, relevant and enjoyable.
Redwood School, Wellington, 2019
What a fabulous interactive show! Our students could relate to the books as I have had them on display in the school library for the last couple of weeks. The theme was very relevant and our actors Sam and Lydia were amazing.
Hobsonville School, Auckland, 2019