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Perform Education is a registered COVID-safe business.


Our first priority is the health & safety of students, teachers and all school staff, as well as our employees.


We only employ local actors to visit your school, so there are no interstate borders being crossed by our staff who visit your school.

We offer our incursions as Livestream-in-school education events to provide an online option for schools, while delivering this exciting and interactive educational theatre live-in-real-time to your students in class.

Our Live-in-school programs adhere to Covid-Safe touring policies and procedures.

As a company, we focus our practice on maintaining appropriate distancing as well as good hygiene in order to reduce the potential transmission of illnesses amongst Perform Education staff, school communities, and the wider community as a whole.

We have set the following standards to be adhered to by all Perform Education employees:

  • All performers that enter a school will provide in advance a COVID-19 digital certificate for proof of vaccination.

  • Performers are required to have up to date flu vaccinations.

  • Performers are required to complete a daily health report each work day during the school tour.

  • Performers are required to support contact tracing efforts by QR code or manual sign-in registers, and any other school directed registration requirements.

  • Performers have been advised they may be required to sign a health waiver at school check-in.

  • Performers will keep a social distance from school staff and students where practicable.

  • Interactive elements during the incursion will be designed to reduce the need for physical contact between performers and students/school staff, as well as to reduce the contact with shared equipment or surfaces.

  • Any shared equipment used by students during the incursion will be cleaned between performances and again at the end of each day.

  • Performers are provided hand sanitisation for use before and after each performance.

  • Performers will limit their movements in school areas where instructed by the school.

  • Performers will adhere to any school health policies.


Got a question you would like to ask or want to know more about our COVID-Safe incursions?

We're more than happy to help, simply email or call us!

Perform! Education delivers COVID-Safe in school

programs for students and teachers across Australia and New Zealand

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