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"This was a really effective and clever delivery of such important messages about mental health. It was perfectly pitched to the interests and developmental awareness of our students."


TERM 1; 2; 3, 2024:

A selection of time blocks are open for you to choose.

Term 1: Mon 18 Mar - Fri 22 Mar
Harmony Week/Day)

Term 2: Wed 12 Jun - Tue 18 Jun
Men's Health Week)


At-school or at-home, anywhere Australia-wide


Livestream, in your library, classroom, school, or at-home


Primary version (Grades 3-6)

30 minutes

Secondary version (Grades 7-9)

30 minutes


Call our friendly bookings team to receive a quote for your school

Term 3: Mon 9 Sep - Fri 13 Sep

Over 65,000 students across Australia tuned in over 2023!

Support your students ongoing mental health & wellbeing with this outstanding program loved by students and teachers alike:

  • Educational Value rated 92%

  • Livestream messages rated 92%

  • Livestream Educator Host rated 94%

  • Schools wanting to tune in again 99%

  • Student Digital Activities rated 92%

The Mind Masters


The Mind Masters is a unique, Australia wide, in-school education program that builds student mental health, wellbeing & resilience, guiding school communities towards long-term, positive mental health outcomes.

The Livestream Learning subscription program is a multi-faceted interactive experience including year-round livestream education events, alongside an e-learning wellness toolkit for students, teachers, and families.

Your Livestream Learning subscription provides a flexible educational experience both in-school and at-home for the entire school community to meet social-emotional learning challenges.

The Mind Masters is a 360-degree educational intervention program, tested and reviewed by clinical psychologists and Curtin University reporting with demonstrated outcomes that Healthy Kids Make Better Learners.

Educational Topics streaming each term:

MINDSET: Why Your Mind Matters
STRESS: What is Stress
RESILIENCE: How to Build Resilience


The livestream performance is hosted by your personal Actor/Educator interacting and discussing LIVE-IN-REAL-TIME with your students and classrooms, as they introduce the filmed educational theatre episodes of the exciting Wellbeing in Schools presentation. The livestream lesson includes interactive segments for students to answer quizzes connected to the learning points, have guided discussions on the educational themes and ask questions in real time!

The educational episodes are captured live-on-film with multi-cameras and in high definition, meaning everyone will be watching from the best seat in the house!


The session includes interactive discussions with the live host for your students to explore the themes and key questions connected to the learning points.



LIVESTREAM EVENTS: access to a year-round flexible series of livestream events over school year 2024

E-LEARNING PACKAGE: access to an e-learning curriculum Resource Hub, customised for educators, students and families, and segmented for grade levels with videos, lesson plans, digital games, downloadable activities, and more.

ON-DEMAND: year-round access to each of the individual topics MINDSET, STRESS & RESILIENCE livestream recording and resources as they are released throughout the year.


KEY LEARNING AREAS: Health and Physical Education (PDHD), English, The Arts - Music, Dance, Drama and Media Arts

GENERAL CAPABILITIES: Critical and creative thinking, Ethical understanding, Literacy, Personal and social capability

OTHER LEARNING ACROSS THE CURRICULUM: Difference and diversity, Work and enterprise

THEMES: Resilience, Respect for self and others, Empathy, Goal setting, Stress management, Growth mindset, Positive Thinking, Relationships, Physical and mental health

Our Livestream Learning programs are seen by over 100,000 students every year!

Watch below for the PROGRAM OVERVIEW and how Livestream Learning works

Check out a trailer of The Mind Masters primary school program:

Anchor 1

"Thank you so much for this program! The students enjoyed the interactive shows and particularly loved hearing their own ideas read out by the presenters. They found the dramatisations funny and engaging and really enjoyed the jokes, while understanding and affirming the important mental health messages."

Sacred Heart Primary, ACT

  • Helensvale State School, QLD 2021

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