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Book Week in Schools Live!
By Craig Christie

Celebrating the best New Zealand Children's books of 2021!



Right from when he was very young Henry has had ideas of who he’d like to be and where he’d like to go. The world always seems full of opportunities. The problem is that he keeps on encountering someone who has become an obstacle to achieving any of his ambitions – the Dreamsnatcher, who can appear at any moment – at school, at home, from the pages of books, magazines or through the television or computer screen. Henry has to contend with the Dreamsnatcher almost on a daily basis but when he finds out that he isn’t the only person having this problem, he and his new friend Lou become determined to do something about it!

Join Henry and Lou in a brand new Live-In-School educational musical to celebrate the best New Zealand children’s books of 2021. This heartfelt and inspiring live-in-school production looks at different episodes in each character’s journey where they learn not to be discouraged by negative messages in order to follow their heart’s desire. Filled with humour, suspense and featuring student interaction throughout, this educational musical adventure encourages your students to pursue their ambitions.


If you’re going to dream, let them be Big Dreams!

Choose Your Version!

We provide three different versions of Big Dreams! to suit the age groups watching. Junior, General and Senior.



English, The Arts (Dance, Drama, Music), Health and Physical Education




Growth Mindset, Resilience, Positive Thinking, Mental Health and Wellbeing, Connecting to Community, Connecting to Culture, Traditional Stories, Books and Reading.

Our Book Week performances are seen by over 250,000 Primary School students every year!

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  • Aroha’s Way - Craig Phillips (Junior, General & Senior Version)

  • I Am The Universe - Vasanti Unka (Junior Version)

  • How Maui Slowed The Sun - Donovan Bixley (Junior & General Version)

  • #Tumeke! - Michael Petherick (General & Senior Version)

  • Charlie Tangaroa and the Creature From The Sea - T K Roxborogh (Senior Version)

"What a fabulous interactive show! Our students could relate to the books as I have had them on display in the school library for the last couple of weeks. The theme was very relevant and our actors Sam and Lydia were amazing."

Hobsonville School, Auckland

See the selection of the best New Zealand children's books that feature in our 2021 Book Week in Schools production, Big Dreams!





Mon 24th May – Wed 26th May


Thurs 27th May – Fri 28th May


Mon 31st May – Fri 25th Jun



Mon 2nd Aug – Fri 6th Aug


Mon 9th Aug – Fri 13th Aug


Mon 16th Aug – Fri 27th Aug


Live, in your school


Junior version

40 minutes

Plus discussion time

General/Senior version

50 minutes

Plus discussion time


Junior version (0 - 3)

General version (mixed grades)

Senior version (5 - 8)


$5.00 per student.
If less than 150 students per performance then a flat fee of NZ$750 will apply.

Or simply call or email our friendly and professional bookings team to begin scheduling your school!

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