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Mon 10th Aug - Thurs 1st Oct


Mon 12th Oct - Wed 16th Dec


45 minutes

35 minute viewing time

10 minute Q&A


Grades 5 - 10


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Launch To The Future!


Full of scientific facts and figures, this sketch-based comedy presentation focuses on how space programs and lunar science propel us into the future using STEM!

In a series of sketches, professional actor/educators use audience suggestions to create uniquely hilarious scenes that educate on the moon and space science.

Students will learn:

  • How science helps to solve the unsolvable (SCIENCE)

  • Innovation drives technology (TECHNOLOGY)

  • Space engineering helps design new solutions (ENGINEERING)

  • How maths helps to drive the future (MATHS)

Sketches include a worker teaching a boss about the moon, a kooky inventor linking technology to creativity and innovation, a game that teaches about space engineering, and a demonstration of how maths helps explain our universe.

LEARNING AREAS: Science, Mathematics, Technology, The Arts, Health and Physical Education

THEMES: 50th Anniversary of the moon landing, Everyday technologies invented by space science (camera phones, baby formula, wireless headphones, laptops), Galileo Galilei, Satellites, GPS, WiFi, Machine learning and AI, New Zealand's contribution to space science past and present: Dr. William Pickering, Beatrice Tinsley, The NZ Space Agency.

Check out some excerpts from our past
Science/STEM in Schools productions:

Perform Education Virtual Incursion


Due to COVID-19 government imposed restrictions, Perform Education will be offering VIRTUAL INCURSIONS during 2020!

Our performances are captured live-on-film with multi-cameras and in high definition - so everyone watches from the best seat in the house. The performance also includes interactive segments with questions, activities and guided discussions, allowing your students to dig deep into the key learning points while being active, engaged and having fun!

After the performance you can watch a selection of Q&A videos, and also schedule a live-stream chat with our performers and creatives, enabling your students to answer questions and be heard. Included in the online educational portal is a trove of digital resources and games that can be accessed either from school or home all year so the fun doesn't stop.

Hosting a Perform Education Virtual Incursion means your whole school can be involved whether having a large group viewing, classroom by classroom sessions, or watching individually from home.

Virtual Performance


Students will watch, interact and have fun with the virtual performance

Interactive Q&A


Choose from a selection of Q&A, and also schedule a live-stream chat with our team

Digital Resources


Year long access to online games, activities and resources


One of the best shows I have seen....and I've seen a lot. Easy clear message, nice connections to the books, relevant and enjoyable.

Redwood School, Wellington, 2019


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