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Virtual Incursion Showcase

Welcome to the resource area for THE MARINE TEAM for National Science Week in Schools Australia 2020. On this page you can access the performance, resources and schedule a Live-Stream Meet The Actors & Creatives session. We want you to know that participating in this program and using its supplementary materials is easy and can integrate seamlessly with your established teaching methods.

What The Teachers Are Saying:


"The two actors were so talented and their characters and voices were really engaging. Also
the references to current celebrities and culture made the performance amusing and really
enjoyable. The program was really informative and engaging. In a year where we have been
very limited it is great that you managed to deliver a product that we could use and that the
students could learn from and enjoy. I streamed the broadcast to my class over Teams and it
worked perfectly. Thank you!" 

- Kilbreda College, VIC.

"My students found the performance very humorous, which kept them engaged. Very
engaging and informative for our year 7s." 

- Penola Catholic College, VIC.

"They really enjoyed the humour of the actors, the pop-culture references were current and the message s related to the importance of ocean ecosystems, sustainability etc were expressed in an interesting and way. Great work on your ability to adapt the program to a virtual performance." 

- Star of the Sea College, VIC.

"Great facts and humour!" 

- Penola Catholic College, VIC.

Preparing for the Incursion



  • Watch the ‘Teacher Preparation’ video – and share with staff that will be assisting students to participate in this program. (Click here to go to video)

  • Review the Teacher Resource Pack with information about this program and the Virtual Performance. 

  • Discuss the program with your students and explain to them about the upcoming Virtual Performance.

  • Make sure you provide all teachers/classrooms with the educational portal details and your school password to login.



  • Scroll down to the performance video on this page (or click here). If you haven't logged in you will be asked to now.

  • Make sure a teacher/facilitator is on hand to assist in accessing the portal and video.

  • At the end of the performance the viewing can continue immediately, or on a separate day/time, with our post-performance Q&A recordings.


  • Head to Perform Teachers and evaluate the program for your chance to win $200 for your classroom.


  • Schedule your schools live-stream 'Meet The Actors & Creatives' session where you can chat to our team and ask any questions you have. 

  • Have fun and get creative with all of the games, activities and other resources found on this page. 


Teacher Resources

Teacher Resource Pack

Teacher Guide with instructions for the program, content information, classroom activities and curriculum links.


Teacher Step-By-Step Guide

A guide for the teacher/facilitator detailing before, during and after performance instructions.

Teacher Preparation Video


Performance Trailer

Cool Australia Activities

Perform Education has partnered with Cool Australia to provide your school and students with customised program lesson plans! Click on the button below to head to Cool Australia's website.

What is Cool Australia?

Cool Australia has been supporting teachers since 2008, providing them with learning activities and resources that make teaching and understanding real world scenarios as easy as possible. Units, lessons and activities are Australian curriculum aligned and FREE to educators and students. You can choose to follow full units of study or pick individual lessons to fit in with your curriculum. 


Post-Performance Q&A

Thanks for watching the performance! Now click below to watch a selection of Question & Answer videos with our actors, director and writer. Pick whichever questions you want to find out more about, or watch them all!


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Meet The Actors & Creatives

Contact us now to schedule a live-stream chat with our team. Email us at to discuss a selection of dates and times you can select from to schedule for your school.

Digital Games

Thanks for watching! Now have even more fun and show us what you know by playing on our digital games below.



Place the pieces together to make the full image. Try increasing how many pieces there are!



Slide the pieces together to make the full image.



Test your knowledge about the performance and the books that we used!



Have fun answering questions about the performance and its themes.


Printable Activities

Thanks for watching! Now have even more fun and show us what you know by downloading these Activity Sheets for school or at home.





School Promotional Materials

On this page you will find digital resources you can use at school to promote the Science/STEM In Schools program to students, parents and the wider school community.


Materials include:

- Program Overview

- Poster

- Pre-written long and short form copy for newsletters or social media

- Social Media Squares 

- social #hashtags

- Links to promotional videos


Ask us a question

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