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Preparing for the Incursion

Preparing for the Incursion

Find all the information you need to prepare for your incursion by selecting either the LIVE or LIVESTREAM option from the dropdown menu below.


Find all other resources you need below, or use the menu on the left to jump to the section you would like to see!

  • Why do you think Jono wanted to win all of the time?
  • In the show we heard about Olympic competitions for poetry; architecture; and hope, skip and jump. Is that true?"
  • What did Claire mean when she told Jono - "It's okay to feel differently from someone. It doesn't mean your're right and they're wrong. It's a matter of opinion"?"
  • What is a good thing to do when you disagree with someone?
  • How did you become an actor?
  • Meet the director
  • Meet the writer

Hey Teachers! Welcome to the resource area for AI Academy for Science Week in Schools 2023. On this page you can access all the resources you need to supplement the program. Participating in this program and using its supplementary materials is easy and can integrate seamlessly with your established teaching methods. And remember to direct your students to the Student Activities page!

Teacher Toolkit
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​Teacher Resource Pack

Teacher Resource Pack

Teacher Resource Pack

Teacher Guide with instructions for the program, content information, classroom activities and curriculum links.

National Science Week Teacher Resource Book

Download the National Science Week Teacher Resource Book by clicking on the icon to the left.

Copyright: Australian Science Teachers Association 2023, except where indicated otherwise. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial4.0 International license.

Post-Performance Student Quiz

Post-Performance Student Quiz

Teachers click below to distribute to your students the short multiple choice post-performance quiz and have your students 'Show What They Know!'.
We will send you all results for student reporting and feedback.

Or, use the links below to distribute to your students!

Primary Quiz:

Secondary Quiz:

Student Activities Page

Student Activities

Teachers, here you can find all Student Activities related to AI ACADEMY!

School Promotional Materials

School Promotional Materials

On this page you will find digital resources you can use at school to promote the Science Week In Schools program to students, parents and the wider school community.

Materials include:

  • Program Overview

  • Posters

  • Pre-written long and short form copy for newsletters or social media

  • Social Media Squares 

  • #hashtags

  • Links to promotional videos

Teacher Evaluation

Teacher Evaluation

Hey Teachers! Your opinions really help us out to make our programs more educational and relevant for your school and students. Complete our very quick survey by clicking below.

Once you submit this survey you will be automatically be entered in the draw to WIN $200 for your classroom!

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Ask a Question

Ask us a question

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