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For Book Week in Schools!
BW 2020 AUS TGD cloud plus Craig Cristie

Touring schools nationally in partnership with

The Children's Book Council of Australia and celebrating

the best Australian Children's books of 2020!



Mon 10th Aug - Fri 28th Sept


Mon 5th Oct -  Fri 20th Dec


55 minutes

45 minute viewing time

10 minute Q&A


Junior version (0 - 3)

General version (mixed grades)

Senior version (5 - 6)


Call our friendly bookings team to get a tailored quote for your school



What’s in the box?  That’s the question on everybody’s lips when students bring to school something they’ve uncovered that has been put in a storage box – in a cupboard, in the shed, at the back of an old second hand store… 

Both Claire and Jonno believe they have found something that is sure to be the winner of ‘Greatest Discovery’ on the day.  Is it Jonno whose imagination has run wild or Claire, who has an incredible story to tell, who will win the day?  Get ready to cheer, sing, dance and get involved as these two lovable characters go head to head and everyone rushes along with them towards the moment we hear the announcement of who has made The Greatest Discovery!

The Greatest Discovery combines a love of reading and books with a celebration of diversity and competition! Watch a selection of The CBCA Shortlisted Books of 2020 come to life, encouraging students to engage with reading in an active and energetic manner and reinforcing the idea of inclusiveness and celebration of endeavor rather than competitive results.

The Greatest Discovery is a highly interactive incursion where the entire audience will together explore the very best Australian children’s books and The CBCA Book Week theme for 2020: CURIOUS CREATURES, WILD MINDS.

Book Week in Schools includes exciting elements of Olympic history, along with a selection of The CBCA 2020 Shortlisted Books, encouraging students to engage with reading in an active and energetic manner and reinforcing the idea of inclusiveness and celebration of endeavour rather than competition outcomes.



English, The Arts (Drama, Music, Dance), Humanities & Social Sciences, Health and Physical Education.


Literacy, Critical and Creative Thinking, Personal and Social Capability, Ethical Understanding, Intercultural Understanding.



Self Worth, Managing Success and Challenges, Personal Strengths, Celebrity Culture, Books and Reading, Olympics.

Hello Lighthouse
The Dog Runner
The Little Wave
Goodbye House, Hello House

Our Book Week performances are seen by over 250,000 Primary School students every year!

Check out what the teachers are saying about our last production:


It was the best incursion I have been to.  The layout, the actions, getting the students moving mid performance was a great idea.  The message was invaluable, I have changed my lesson structure around to incorporate the positive messages. Thank you!

West Leeming Primary School, 2019

The CBCA is delighted to announce a partnership with Perform! Education.

“We are proud to be partnering with an organisation that brings quality educational productions into Primary Schools, exploring The CBCA Children’s Book Week themes and promoting literature and the joy of reading in an interactive, fun and engaging way,” - CBCA Chair, Professor Margot Hillel OAM.

Perform Education Virtual Incursion


Due to COVID-19 government imposed restrictions, Perform Education will be offering VIRTUAL INCURSIONS during 2020!

Our performances are captured live-on-film with multi-cameras and in high definition - so everyone watches from the best seat in the house. The performance also includes interactive segments with questions, activities and guided discussions, allowing your students to dig deep into the key learning points while being active, engaged and having fun!

After the performance you can watch a selection of Q&A videos, and also schedule a live-stream chat with our performers and creatives, enabling your students to answer questions and be heard. Included in the online educational portal is a trove of digital resources and games that can be accessed either from school or home all year so the fun doesn't stop.

Hosting a Perform Education Virtual Incursion means your whole school can be involved whether having a large group viewing, classroom by classroom sessions, or watching individually from home.

Virtual Performance


Students will watch, interact and have fun with the virtual performance

Interactive Q&A


Choose from a selection of Q&A, and also schedule a live-stream chat with our team

Digital Resources


Year long access to online games, activities and resources

Already booked this performance? Log in now to access the performance and resources.

Perform Education Virtual Incursion
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