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Mon 7th Aug - Fri 25th Aug


Sat 12th Aug - Sun 20th Aug



Any school, anywhere Australia-wide


Livestream, at-school &



40 minutes


Simply call or email our friendly and professional bookings team to receive your tailored quote!

Grades 4 - 6 (Primary Version)

Grades 7 - 9 (Secondary Version)

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AI is the future of STEM!

It's never been more important to be knowledgeable on what makes AI accessible for us all from coding to innovation to technology.

AI Academy celebrates the 2023 National Science week school theme Innovation: Powering Future Industries!

The more we know about how powerful AI can be, the more we can solve problems in everyday life. Becoming familiar with AI innovation in industry and science, as well as its (sometimes unintended) consequences, will make students better prepared for the advances in technology, and the ways in which STEM is leading our future study and career pathways.

Join the AI Academy where students will learn that:

  • Coding is useful and powerful (an intern lands at his dream tech start-up)

  • Innovation drives technology (two students at the school science fair)

  • Technology advances our lives (tech is more than a game)

  • How AI impacts our future (from medicine to mining to manufacturing)


Your live host will stream into the classroom and present comedic science sketches filmed with our professional Actor/Educators that explore AI innovation in industry and science. Students will interact, laugh and learn about advances in technology, innovation and the ways in which STEM is leading our future.


The result is that students get to have input in the show, while watching and learning!

CURRICULUM COVERAGE: Science as a Human Endeavour; Chemical Sciences; Physical Sciences; Earth and Space Sciences; Sustainability cross-curriculum priority.



​The livestream performance is hosted by your personal Actor/Educator interacting and discussing live-in-real-time with your students and classrooms, as they introduce the filmed educational theatre episodes of the exciting Science Week in Schools presentation. The livestream lesson includes interactive segments for students to answer quizzes connected to the learning points, have guided discussions on the educational themes and ask questions in real time!

The educational episodes are captured live-on-film with multi-cameras and in high definition, meaning everyone will be watching from the best seat in the house.

Hosting a Perform Education Livestream Incursion means your whole school can be involved whether having a large group viewing, classroom by classroom sessions, or even with individual students tuning in from home.



The session includes interactive discussions with the live host for your students to explore the themes and key questions connected to the learning points.


With your secure school link, the livestream performance will be available for your whole school to watch on the date/time of your scheduled incursion.

The Livestream e-learning package also includes a recording of the livestream incursion for your to re-watch and review all year long! Alongside this is a range of hands-on educational tools with online interactive games, quizzes, videos and lesson plans for the classroom and at home to extend the engagement and learning, all available for the entire school year!

Click below to see how our LIVESTREAMS work!

Check out a trailer of Science/STEM in Schools Livestream

Was a very entertaining way to teach so many STEM concepts and scientific fact. Students were engaged and the content supported classroom learning. Students were discussing possible future opportunities after the presentation.

Flaxmill School

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Celebrating the National Science Week 2023 Schools Theme:

Innovation: Powering Future Industries!

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