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Student Digital Games

Welcome Students! Below are games & activities for BIGGER, BETTER, BRIGHTER! for Book Week in Schools 2022. Come here as often as you like, and feel free to bring your friends and parents. Enjoy!

Find all the resources you need below, or use the menu on the left to jump to the section you would like to see!

Student Activities
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Digital Games

Thanks for watching! Now have even more fun and show us what you know by playing on our digital games below.


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Have fun answering questions about the performance and its themes.

BBB21_Sliding thumbnail.jpg


Slide the pieces together to make the full image.

BBB Word Scramble Thumbnail.JPG


Test your knowledge about the performance and the books that we used!

BBB21_Jigsaw thumbnail.jpg


Piece together a picture of the performance!

Student Printable Activities
Music Tracks & Song Lyrics

Music Tracks

Thanks for watching! Now download or listen online here to all the songs from the show.

Song Lyrics

Music Credits:

Music and lyrics: Craig Christie

Vocals by Francesca Arena and Drew Downing

All arrangements by Craig Bryant

Produced by Craig Bryant and Craig Christie

Recorded at Paxus Productions, Melbourne, Australia

Copyright © No Mates Productions 2022

Check out the lyrics to your favourite songs from BIGGER, BETTER, BRIGHTER! so you can sing along!

Learn The Dance Moves

Learn the Dance Moves

Before you watch BIGGER, BETTER, BRIGHTER! learn the dance moves with Nat! Follow along as she teaches you the choreography to the song Do It!  so that you can join in on the fun too!

Ask a Question

Ask us a question

Thanks for watching! If you have any questions or would just like to send us a comment or say hello, email our team on

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